How to Wear the Dad Sneaker Trend

  • Dad sneakers? Yes, you read that correctly. 

    In footwear, there’s a pretty major trend taking over, and we can’t wait for you to discover it. Let’s discuss. 

    What exactly are dad sneakers, you might be wondering?

    Dad sneakers are essentially chunky sneakers that resemble something you might have seen your dad rocking in the ‘90s. They have a distinct athleisure feel to them, and they’re usually rather large and bulky.

    Yes, we know: it might not sound like the most wearable trend, but once you discover some ways to incorporate the dad sneaker into your wardrobe, we think you might be singing a different tune. 

    Here are four on-trend ways that you can wear dad sneakers this summer: 

    With a breezy dress
    In order to balance the masculinity of these chunky sneakers, we love the idea of pairing them with a more feminine dress. 

    In particular, something that resembles a slip dress can really bring the ’90s flavor to the table, which we highly encourage (the ‘90s are back!). 

    With cropped joggers
    For a burst of athleisure in your look, you can always pair your dad sneakers with joggers or track-pants. This look screams cool and casual, while also trendy and wearable.

    Denim always wins
    Joggers are great, but if you want something that balances between the masculine and the feminine, you’ll never fail with denim.

    You can go for a trendy pair of mom jeans to really bring both the “mom” and “dad” style to the table. You can also try out some denim shorts for those hot, hot, summer days. Having said that, though, our favorite way to rock denim with dad sneakers is in the form of a denim skirt.

    Not only is a denim skirt super easy and comfortable to wear during the summer, it’s also a popular trend for the season. Ramp up your style game with dad sneakers and a denim skirt. 

    Try different styles

    While there are a countless number of ways you can style your dad sneakers based on your preferences, we wanted to end by reminding you to try out different styles. Whether it be a floral printed dad sneaker, or a pair done in a bright neon orange, dad sneakers don’t have to be just your standard white. 

    You can try dad sneakers in whatever style you want. The only requirement? 

    They have to be chunky, and they have to be full of ‘90s style flavor.

    Do that, and you’ll be right on-trend this summer.